setting goals

My favorite thing is definitely NOT setting goals and making long-term plans. I dread planning because my plans feel like paper airplanes. Poorly-folded paper airplanes. They nose-dive to the floor. Then they get squished or torn or slobbered on. Or all three.

That’s how I feel so very, very often. SURE there are times when I make a plan, follow through to completion, and it worked out like I wanted. But it feels like that’s happened less and less often over the past few years.

This year I wanted to go about planning 2013 in a HUGELY different way. But I was at a loss as to how I could manage that. My brain didn’t want to veer from my just-don’t-think-about-it course. I got more and more frustrated. I would think about 2012 and what would immediately pop up are the things that I wanted to do, but didn’t. I thought about the things I dream about that don’t become reality. I thought about how crushed and weighed down and overwhelmed I feel so very often. I thought about how I’m ready to just quit portrait photography because it doesn’t even pay for itself. I thought about the insanely long list of things I wish I knew more about. I thought about how outnumbered I am with three kids, how I use my time unwisely, how I don’t fill myself with the things that fire me up…

Talk about an end-of-the-year bummer!

Then I started paying attention to some goal-setting posts from the Making Things Happen team and I feel WAY encouraged. I’ll be using these tools (yes, even into the first week of 2013) to round out where I want to go and how I plan to get there.
**Emily Ley has posted printable add-ons for her Simplified Planner™ and a downloadable budget sheet for 2013, AWESOME!!
**Gina Zeidler has an Instagram series (#dothereview) that rocks my face off. Don’t have Instagram? Check it out at that link on the web.
**Lara Casey is posting a series of ten steps about setting goals and making things happen in 2013. Her first step is about recognizing what went RIGHT and what you’re grateful for. It knocked me over and made it SOOOO much easier for me to get started with making notes about the past year.

Here’s to doing the hard work to make 2013 more intentional. HOORAY!!

I feel like this post is a little flat, but I wanted to get it posted before I get ready to head to a New Year’s PARTY (not at my house, or you would be invited).

What are YOU doing to close up 2012 and launch 2013?

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  1. Melinda Hale says:

    Thanks Megan! I started reading the blog you mentioned about starting with what worked and what your grateful for…late last night. I stopped cause I couldn’t write anything (had 2 boys snoozing in my bed)! I’m hoping to have less overwhelmed and depressed days in 2013!

    1. TheBarnTales says:

      That’s awesome!! And, really, that’s something I’m aiming for, too. Another friend commented on one of my I-feel-crazy posts and said she tries to list out 5 things each day she’s proud of. I’m thinking about jotting them down and posting an Instagram shot every day. I guess if I’m going to do that, I need to start today! haha

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