girl trip

Annie, Brennan, and I went with my mother, grandmother, aunt, and cousin to the beach for a few days. The point was to spend time together, and to see some of Granny’s family. The weather was not awesome for a super wonderful beach trip, BUT we did get to spend time in the sun, and the gulf was lovely, and overall I rate it a great time. The photos I’m posting are in reverse order… and I’m going to leave them that way.

iphone20140329_163 iphone20140329_161iphone20140328_153(somebody didn’t want to sit in a chair, so somebody was in the floor, ALL THE WAY IN THE FLOOR, watching a fish tank and chatting with people who came up the stairs. and I just let her be that way. because. the beach.)iphone20140327_138 (not asleep. not at all asleep. not hardly. but cuddling and playing and precious.)iphone20140327_130 iphone20140327_128 iphone20140327_118 (the balcony was HUGE, and brennan loved watching the big water. just from the safety of the 9th story, though. the actual big water was a no-go.)iphone20140327_116 iphone20140327_113(we didn’t want to wake the goose enough to actually dress her when we first got in the car – it was crazy o’clock – so she ended up in a tee, sweatshirt, and leggings. and at some point she spilled something all down her leggings, so by the time we got to the beach, she was without pants. fine. at least she was duck-facing for the camera, right?!?)



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  1. Melinda Hale says:

    When Shelby was Brennan’s age, the big water and the sand was a no-go! Which, ironically, made a two time trip in the same year to Hawaii to see daddy, who was stationed in Korea, very interesting!!!

    1. Megan Floyd says:

      Oh gracious!! Yeah, that would be rough. I think if it had not been frigid when we first walked out to the water she would have responded better. It took two more days to get her to sit at the edge of the baby pool and splash with her feet.


  2. ruthrawls says:

    A girl trip! Who thought of that?! How fun!

    1. Megan Floyd says:

      We’ve been talking about it since before I had daughters, hahaha. Granny’s aunts invited some of the nieces, and OF COURSE we had to take her down there.


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