chick update

Sooooooo, the chickens. 

Bad news first: Padmé died.

Good news: Everychicken else is fine.

More good news: Brennan talked me into changing Rey’s name from Rey to Padmé, and it looks like the name is not actually unlucky. 

I’ve been researching to see what these girls actually are, specifically, and have got the possible breeds list narrowed down to 2 for each chick. I’ve got to let them get big enough to match them with adult images from reputable sites. Because turns out lots of people post pictures of chickens but don’t actually know what they’re talking about… so the images that pop up for a Google search for different breeds includes, um, every chicken breed ever. I thought it was really working until I saw the same pictures for the third time. 

I’m excited, though. Their feathers are coming in and they’re all so pretty right now. I guess they could change a lot more and not be pretty. But. I think we did a good job with our random picking. And our two buff chicks seem to be different breeds. Their coloring is different enough that I can easily tell them apart, and their tails are different. 

Jilly is the smallest bird, but was able to establish herself as head of the flock. She’s a terror. Hazel is rowdier, but she seems to be too rowdy to be in charge. Ginger actually likes to be held. Leia and newPadmé are fairly chill.

Speaking of Jilly the Terror:  

Yesterday she learned to hop onto the water dispenser.

Today she learned to hop some more.

  That made me really glad we move the fireplace screen when we aren’t using the fireplace.   
The chickens and Annie are NOT happy with this arrangement.  

Oh well.


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