change of pace

All year we’ve been up in the air and unsettled. For every one thing going to plan, there are a million billion trillion (so many zeroes) things going NOT to plan. I haven’t wanted to think. I haven’t wanted to have ideas. I haven’t wanted to record or ponder or even hope. 

I’m weary.

Being weary gets old, though. As June has moved itself along, we’ve gotten past some of the incredibly changeable situations in our family life, and we’re settling into a routine.

Sadly, that routine has been stupid. There’s been a lot of arguing and avoiding and there has been A LOT of rain. Yesterday I could tell we needed to move our show out the door. We felt better after some outdoor time, but it wasn’t enough. We needed more.

This morning we got it. I am still so frazzled that I am not sure how much outdoor time we got. But. It was mostly good.

Annie needed to take the dictionary with us. It has maps. And pictures. And is bright red and very heavy. I sent Aiden back to our house to get her backpack so she could stop tripping down the stairs. 

We found nouns that start with A and B. People, places, things – we skipped ideas, though.

When we got tired, we investigated the garden plants. I murdered a squash pest. (I’m about to have to pull up and burn the spaghetti squash, booooooooo. I’m thinking all the happy thoughts about the pumpkin vines, which appear to have cross-pollinated…)

So. Then the kids wandered into the house, and I was going to follow. But. I was distracted. 

I have been wondering how our little lizard pals are doing. Aiden and I saw one – alive – yesterday. 

I got our science tweezers (as in, tweezers reserved for similar bleghy tasks) and picked up our desiccated friend, moving it to our bench. We investigated for a bit, then transferred the carcass to a jar. Now it’s on a shelf by the front door.

Now we’re going to talk about Egypt. And that was already the plan, even, before we found an unintentionally mummified lizard.

One thought on “change of pace

  1. What a great day. That’s the kinda day I love. Outdoors. Explore. Sadly with one real big kid who has real big kid work this year…it might happen less than I’d like. But the part at the beginning about not wanting To think or have ideas or plan, etc. that is exactly how last year was. I’m so trying to move past it. It’s tough though. It’s like my brain is broken. My go-getterness is definitely broken. Sometimes my ability to care or get anything done is broken. Sigh. Keep plugging away and making things happen and loving those kids. Somehow we’re going to get through this.

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