scheduled plans

I tried (REALLY I TRIED) to set up and follow a plan for posts. The plan is more for me than you; I need to be better about attaching words to images for record-keeping.


I’m typing on my phone.

And that gets kinda obnoxious.

Oh well.

I cried (I CRIED ACTUAL TEARS) over the weekend because I tried to start flower seeds early but it’s been cold so the flowers are like NAH MAN JUST NO. This afternoon, with the sunbaked deck burning the soles of my feet, I found these amazing tiny purple flowers in the “Is it gonna die ARE YOU DYING?!?” lemon thyme.

The roses are pretending to bloom but they look so sad in pictures.

Our poor little lizard friend has been running up and down the stairs. Quinn tried to catch him today, but he skipped the risers and went right down the main brace (and then under the barn). I’m concerned that he’s completely insane, because he runs at us and then kinda waves and just hangs out right near where we are. Also. Y’all. It might be a girl but I’ve been thinking of it as a boy so *shrug*.

Last weekend I found the biggest slug I have ever seen in real life. It went all flat and then the longer I watched it, the more its eyes poked out. So crazy.

Aanndd that’s all the photos I can get to load without saying ugly words!