change of pace

All year we’ve been up in the air and unsettled. For every one thing going to plan, there are a million billion trillion (so many zeroes) things going NOT to plan. I haven’t wanted to think. I haven’t wanted to have ideas. I haven’t wanted to record or ponder or even hope.  I’m weary. Being… Continue reading change of pace


It’s the second half of August. WHAT.  Our wedding anniversary is Friday. We’re in the last few days of Year Ten. WHAT. I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks thinking about why I do what I do. I have tried to declutter some things and some thoughts and … just WHAT. I… Continue reading WHAT. 

chick update

Sooooooo, the chickens.  Bad news first: Padmé died. Good news: Everychicken else is fine. More good news: Brennan talked me into changing Rey’s name from Rey to Padmé, and it looks like the name is not actually unlucky.  I’ve been researching to see what these girls actually are, specifically, and have got the possible breeds… Continue reading chick update